Restaurant ‘La Terraza de Sindhura’

restaurante Restaurante La Terraza de Sindhura is open to both residents and non residents. With stunning views of the surrounding countryside, including a dramatic vista of the ocean from the Terrace it has become a favourite haunt for many living in the region, or just passing through. Inside, the contemporary decoration combined with the friendly, informal atmosphere create a perfect ambiance in which to enjoy your meal. The highly commended cuisine (see menu below) is international.



Antipasti (starters)
Antipasto misto (antipasti plank for 2). Salami tipo napoli dolce, pistachio mortadella, San daniele prosciutto, schiacciata picante, buffalo mozarella, pecorino with amazing chili jam, pepperoni lambardy, gaeta olives and caper berries with lemon & mint. 11,50
Pane (italian bread selection). Home made rosemary focaccio, ciabatta, grisini stiks, carta di musica with rosemary & lemon gremolata, extra virgin olive oil & finest aged balsamic. 3,50
Gamberoni all’aglio. King prawns sauted in chilli & garlic wine sauce. 5,95
Fegato. Sauted chicken livers, grapes, cream marsala wine & toasted pine nuts, served with char-grilled bruschetta. 4,95
Calamari. Fried baby squid with garlicky lemon mayo. 5,95
Insalate scamorza di pomodoro. Buffalo mozzarella with basil pesto and tomato salad. 5,50
Insalate prosciutto. San danielle prosciutto with shaved pear, pecorino, rocket & toasted pine nuts. 5,50
Lasagne al forno. Layers of pasta baked with bolognese sauce, mozzarella & basciamella. 9,95
Orecchiette puttanesca. Tomato sauce, capers, chilli, anchovies, olives & aged parmesan. 8,95
Ana tagliatelle bolognese. Ragu of beef, pork, herbs, chianti wine & aged parmesan. 10,50
Spaghetti all trapanese. Tossed with almond pesto, juicy vine tomatoes, fresh garden basil and aged parmesan. 8,95
Bucatini marinara. Tube spaghetti steamed in a bag on a bed of crab, mussels, clams, squid, prawns, capers, chilli, gralic, white wine & lemon. 12,95
Truffle risotto alla funghi misti. Arborio rice, mixed mushrooms portobello & porcini with garlic,herbs and truffle cream. 10,95
Ferri (charcoal grill)
Bisteca alla griglia. Char-grilled 10-ounce sirloin steak of retinto served with herby grilled portobello mushrooms. 17,95
Pollo alla griglia. Char-grilled garlicky rosemary chicken with a pizzaiola sauce (tomatos, olives, chilli and caper). 10,95
Agnello alla griglia. Char grilled lamb chops served with an amaizing creamy artichoke, mint sauce, fresh chilli & selection of roast mixed nuts (nuts optional). 13,95
Maiale alla griglia. Beautiful 24 hours marinated char-grilled pork chop served with tomato, basil salad, lemon & olive oil. 10,95
Contorni (sides)
Italian garlic rosemary roasted potatoes. 2,95
Rocket & parmesan salad. 3,50
Flash-cooked seasonal green vegetables (with chilli & garlic). 3,50
(All our dishes are prepared using fresh local ingredients that are in season)
Dessert e gelati
Tiramisú. Coffee-flavoured orange mascarpone & chocolate. 5,95
Vanigla torta di formaggio. Homemade vanilla mascarpone chessecake served with canadid lemon. 5,95
Cio ccolatini. Homemade chocolate truffles flavoured with frangelico liquieur and tosted hazelnuts. 5,95
Coppa de cioccolata e nocciole. Vanilla and chocolate ice cream with poached pears & amaretto biscuits. 5,95
Gelato al cioccolato. Dark italian chocolate ice cream & garden mint. 4,95
Gelato alla vanigla. Classic italian vanilla ice cream & garden mint. 4,95
Sorbetto al limone. Fantastic sicilian lemon sorbet with fresh zestie lemon & mint. 4,95
(All our desserts home made with love)